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Chasing Freedom Show with Tanner Hobbs: Coach I Mentor I Wife

Mar 26, 2020

In this episode of the Chasing Freedom Show, I talk with Anne Bogle, aaaaaaall about overthinking. Are you someone who overthinks and second-guess everything, especially in this crazy time we are living in? I know I do! And it can be the smallest of things that takes up my mental capacity, leaving little space for the important stuff.


Anne is a writer and avid reader - her latest book is called Don't Overthink It, so you know she's more than clued up when it comes to giving mindset advice. She explains how we can start to take control of our thoughts and literally THINK our way to happiness. If managing your thoughts is something you struggle with, this episode is for you. It's time to tackle your thoughts head on and decide which ones really deserve your attention.


This talk with Anne will leave you inspired and informed about how to take small steps and actions to learn about yourself, grow, and most importantly interrupt your overthinking!


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