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Chasing Freedom Show with Tanner Hobbs: Coach I Mentor I Wife

Aug 15, 2019

In this episode of the Chasing Freedom Show, I talk with my friend Laura Reynolds about SEX and all the 'good' and 'bad' that comes along with it.


I hope this episode brings you some encouragement when it comes to your relationship with sex and new insights into what God intended sex to be like.  Laura and I have both struggled with this, so we are chatting girl-to-girl, sin-to-sin - where to next; understanding God is more worried about our next steps than our missteps.


It's like Laura says "If the God of the universe can forgive my sins and choose to put them out of his mind, then they clearly have no weigh on my identity and who I am."


Listen in as we define 'sex' and 'sexual sin' and answer questions on: being open in the bedroom - being open with your friends - seeking advice to move into purity - pursuing singleness in a God-honoring way - husbands who sexually sin - virginity - premarital sex - what constitutes 'crossing the line' before marriage (how far can we really go!?) - sex after the 'honeymoon phase'.  I also share a peak into some things that came up for Derick (my husband) and I during our marital counseling.


You can find more from Laura on Instagram @lauradawnreynolds.


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Resources: Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler (overview about dating, sex, marriage), Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom, and Sex Container::Relationship Goals video: