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Chasing Freedom Show with Tanner Hobbs: Coach I Mentor I Wife

Oct 17, 2019

In this episode of the Chasing Freedom Show, it's just me sharing my life update with you...all that 2019 has brought and the excitement of what 2020 has in store!  I hope that this episode helps you to connect with me on more of a personal level, because that's what I am ALL ABOUT!


I give an update on where my husband and I are living and working right now (we are SO ready to move into our beautiful forever home!!!), baby-making struggles and lessons, stepping into something new with the Chasing Freedom business (you don't want to miss this!), plans for the podcast, and what's on for me personally as we move through the fall and into winter...I'm looking forward to Christmas already - I love this time of year, but I am sad that my little sis won't be with us.  Her beautiful, selfless soul is going to be serving in Columbia...if this speaks to you, you can donate to her mission here:


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