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Chasing Freedom Show with Tanner Hobbs: Coach I Mentor I Wife

Jan 30, 2020

In this episode of the Chasing Freedom Show, I talk with the bold and brave Kailan Kalina.  She is one of my business coaching clients who works as a freelance writer and editor...but she is SO much more than this and has so much wisdom to share with women, especially when it comes to living with an eating disorder.


This episode is packed with vulnerability as Kailan opens up about her very personal struggles.  Overcoming and finding freedom from her eating disorder and losing her mom to cancer during her college years; a time in life that is hard for anyone.  Along with the battles and the dark parts, she shares truths, knowledge, triumphs, hope and courage.  For anyone trying to build more inner strength, this one is for you!  And if you need more support, specific to eating disorders, you can use the Eating Disorder Help Line: 800-931-2237.


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