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Chasing Freedom Show with Tanner Hobbs: Coach I Mentor I Wife

Aug 27, 2020

If you're a woman (or human, for that matter), chances are, you struggle with body image and self-worth. I battled the enemy for years...constantly fighting to stay in shape, dieting, working out, and seeking external validation just to feel "good enough".

My guest, Jess Hottle, has had very similar experiences...

Aug 20, 2020

Feeling overwhelmed and fighting stress? Sis, I get it. The pace of life is starting to pick back up and a lot of us are feeling pulled in a million different directions. I love to help women create better rhythms to manage stress and overwhelm with grace. 

In today's episode of The Chasing Freedom Show, I share 3...

Aug 13, 2020

Sam Collier's story is one of God's intervention and how He can make a miracle out of a "mess". Sam was adopted when he was 2 months old and only connected with his biological family at the age of 25. Sam talks about abandonment, taking the challenge AND the opportunity in each situation, and how to meet God half way.

Aug 6, 2020

Fear, cancer, sexual sin, and hope are all things this conversation covers with Gabrielle Wescoe of Inspiring Honey.


Do you have big feelings that are making their way to the surface right now, but you're not sure how to handle them? I believe that listening to others' testimonies is a beautiful way that God...